Newest Committee Decisions

This page will display the most current decisions and updates made by the Handicap and Competition Committee, usually during the off season meetings.  PGT still reserves the right to change, add, delete, or modify any regulation at any time. REFER TO THE CLUB HANDBOOK for all PGT rules, regulations, and guidelines.
The following are in effect for the 2022 season and beyond. 
All previous PGT rules and regulations still in effect unless modified below.
New decisions will be added and/or existing decisions modified as needed and the club handbook will be updated.
2022 updates and beyond will be posted here when a new decision is voted on and made.  It is the responsibility of all PGT members and players in PGT events to review, understand, and follow the information in the Club Handbook.  We will have numerous USGA, local, and specific daily rules at the registration table before each tournament.  While it is the players responsibility to know and abide be all USGA rules and regulations, we strive to give as much information as we can to the players so we are all playing the same game and the Field is protected.

PGT Tournament Index (history and definition)--Scoring ability and overall play is different in tournament play than with casual rounds, frequently played rounds on the same course, and general play.  In tournament play, the courses are not as well known, conditions may be different, setup may be different, and the mindset of strict USGA guidelines for example, definetly take players out of their comfort zone.  Plus we have found that a large percentage of golfers do not properly post many of their away rounds correctly into GHIN.  The PGT handicap committee reviews and makes sure that PGT tournament scores are posted on GHIN correctly.  Therefore, we know that the differentials for the players in that event are correct and a more accurate indication of their ability, and true index, especially when multiple tournament differentials are grouped.  The PGT Tournament Index levels the playing field, across the board, and virtually eliminates sandbagging, the appearance of it, and gives the player a more accurate handicap in competition.  Hopefully this should also make players feel comfortable posting every qualified away round played on any course.  PGT will calculate using only official PGT tournament differentials from the past two calendar years regardless of how many official tournaments you have played, and applying the GHIN computation formulas to determine players PGT Tournament Index (except for exceptional score adjustments).   Refer to the calculation chart in GHIN from the following link
PGT Tournament Index (applied)--PGT will maintain an ongoing calculation of players PGT Tournament Index and this index will be used for all players in determining their playing handicap based on the rating and slope of the tees played during official PGT tournaments.  All players must still maintain an active GHIN and post all of their rounds played.
NOTE:  it is still the players responsibility to post their scores and the Handicap Committee will monitor and make corrections as needed, however penalty scores will be assesed when a player fails to properly post under certain circumstances and under the discretion of the Handicap Chairman and the Director.
New PGT Member (with existing GHIN)-- A new and first time player on the PGT that has an active and existing GHIN from another club with recent posted scores of 5 or more can immediately compete and win any cash and prizes in any PGT event using 80% of their current GHIN index or new PGT Tournament Index, if lower, for their first three events.  After their third event, their full PGT Tournament Index will be used. (see below for Match Play restrictions)
New PGT Member (with first time or new GHIN)-- A new and first time player on the PGT that has an active GHIN that was just created and has recently posted 5 or more scores can immediately compete and win any cash and prizes in any PGT event using 70% of their current GHIN index or new PGT Tournament Index, if lower, for their first three events.  After their third event, their full PGT Tournament Index will be used.  (see below for Match Play restrictions)

Rookie of the Year competition--
This is a leader board based on the same point system as Player of the Year (existing PGT players), but will display standings of only first year players.  The first year player with the highest point total after the final official PGT tournament that year will be the Rookie of the Year.  If a new player to the PGT joins after July 4 and competes in less than 6 tournaments, the following season is their Rookie of the Year eligibility. Prizes, and a trophy will be awarded each year to the ROTY.  There is no additional cost and all eligible players will be invoved in the competition.

New PGT Member competing in Match Play-- PGT has a variety of Match Play competitions and tournaments that vary from year to year and open to all active PGT memebers.  New and first time members can only register for Match Play competitions once they have established a PGT Tournament Index using a minimum of three official PGT tournament differentials.

Posting tournament scores to GHIN (players responsibility)--There will be a more strict enforcement on players to post their PGT tournament score to GHIN within 24 hours.  Penalty scores will be added to players who fail to post scores or continue to post incorrectly.  It is recommended that players stay at the scoring table after completion of their round until their score card is reviewed, accepted, and scores transfered onto the official score sheets.  The scorer assists by providing the player with their actual "ESC" number that is to be posted to GHIN (reduction for maximum score allowed on a hole which is double bogey plus number of strokes on that hole based on playing handicap). It only takes a few minutes and players should strive to post their score to GHIN at the scoring table to ensure it is posted correctly, but no later than 24 hours after the round.  Instructions and specific numbers to use for posting scores to GHIN are available on the PGT website pages, at the event registration table, and at the scoring table, so there is no excuse for players scores not posted properly.